Stokes O'Brien


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Beyond Happy

John, I am beyond happy to finally have this 3 year saga come to an end.  I know you gave me a deal and it was a very weird case.  So thank you for helping me!  Finally, I can celebrate!  Cheers!


Extremely Thorough and Diligent Business Lawyer

Mr. O’Brien was extremely thorough and diligent in handling my case against a previous employer.  He meticulously collected and utilized all necessary information in order to provide me with the strongest legal representation possible.  Mr. O’Brien kept me apprised and informed of all developments in my case and was very timely and responsive regarding all of my inquiries.  He gave me the feeling that we were working as a unified team in order to obtain the best possible outcome in my case.

Ultimately, we received the full judgment requested in this matter.  I could never have accomplished this on my own.  I would confidently rely upon Mr. O’Brien’s legal expertise and follow through in any future matter and would strongly endorse him to others seeking counsel in business law concerns.


Real Deal Business Dispute Lawyer

In a word, John O’Brien cares – and it reflects in the thoroughness of his work and how he treated me as his client.  He took a case that was on life support and had pretty much been destroyed by another attorney and he not only revived it but gave it legs again.  In the end, he got the defendants to settle.

You know all those jokes about attorneys only being in it for the money or over promising and under delivering?  This is definitely not true with John.  He always was willing to talk with me and when we did, I could tell he was thinking about strategy and how to best present my case.

If you decide to trust John with your case or legal advice, I don’t think you will be disappointed.  He is the real deal.


Straightforward Business Litigator

The reason I picked you is because you say what’s on your mind.  Thanks for the straightforward comments and I really mean it.


Kudos to John

The resolution of our fraud lawsuit was the result of hard work, constant communication, and, ultimately, a willingness to settle from both sides.  John O’Brien, Esq. organized volumes of discovery documents and research while also working through several missteps made by our previous attorney and establishing a constructive rapport with opposing counsel.  Major kudos to John and his staff now and for future reference.


Exceptional Services for Breach of Consulting Agreement

John O’Brien successfully prosecuted a breach of contract case for our investment banking firm.  The legal work and services John’s law firm provided were exceptional.  We were extremely satisfied with his law firm’s services, with the outcome of our case, and with the large judgment John obtained in our contract lawsuit.  In addition, John was very personable and easy to work with.  And, maybe more importantly, John operates his business litigation firm with integrity and honesty.   I trust business attorney John O’Brien and would gladly allow him to handle any business disputes or litigation that we may have in the future.

-Don, Owner of Reliance Partners, LLC

Very Good Contract Trial Lawyer

I had what I thought was a rather straight forward contract case that turned into a full blown trial.  John spent a lot of time researching and preparing for the case.  He was very good in negotiations and in the courtroom.  I was extremely happy with the outcome and recommend him highly.  Thanks John!


John Exceeded My Expectations

A family member borrowed a lot of money and when it came time to pay failed to pony up or even answer my requests.  This was my retirement money but given the delicate nature of family relations I didn’t really want to take them the court.  John got the results I wanted without having to file a law suit; he accomplished this painlessly with minimal expense.  John always got back to me on a timely basis even on weekends.  Simply put his service exceeded my expectations.


Very Competent Contract Lawyer

In the spring of 2012, I needed to hire an attorney in California.  I live in Florida and I went to San Diego to interview attorneys.  All of the interviews went well, however, I did feel better about Mr. O’Brien’s professional presentation, so I did hire him.  Through-out the process, he kept me appraised of the progress.  He was very quick to respond to all my emails.  His competence resulted in a positive outcome, I won a judgment for over $186,000.  Yay!  I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. O’Brien.


Straightforward, Efficient Business Litigator

In our fraud case, John O’Brien put together an initial document for us.  It was concise and succinct, clearly very direct, and complete.  He stayed in communication and answered all questions in a timely manner.  He was very straightforward with his recommendations.  He also was very aware of our limited funds and the course of action included saving money, which was very much appreciated.  We would not hesitate to recommend John in any future business litigation.


Tactful, Skillful, and Persistent Lawyers

I recently concluded a difficult legal engagement with John O’Brien and his law firm.  We had a very successful outcome in large part due to John’s tact, skill, and persistence.  I was one of 3 individuals with a complaint against the CEO of a firm of which we 3 were investors.  We claimed the CEO committed fraud and mismanagement in the discharge of his duties.  Being the attorney for a disparate group of plaintiffs pursuing restitution from a slippery defendant looks like a formula for failure.  However, John acted as “cat herder”, keeping our group organized, informed, and motivated.  John acted as “heavy” and convinced opposing counsel our team was ruthless, deep pocketed, and intent on gaining satisfaction.  The result was the defendant eventually settled, limiting our expenses, maximizing our recovery.


Professional and Results-Oriented Lawyer

First impressions are everything and when I was first introduced to John O’ Brien I immediately knew that I would be a satisfied client.   I was very impressed with John’s professionalism and his open communication.   John made me feel like my case was a priority.  John gets results and gets them quickly.  I highly recommend him.


Successful Collection Attorney

When I needed legal help with collecting the balance due to me after the sale of my business, I found Stokes O’Brien.  John O’Brien has been wonderful at keeping me informed throughout the entire process.  He has successfully collected the balance due to me in a few short months, which I haven’t been able to collect in over six years!  It’s nice to know that there is someone out there to fight for the little guys!  Thanks John, you’re very much appreciated!


Outstanding Business Litigator

John has outstanding knowledge regarding business litigation. He has a very understanding disposition towards his clients and practices with an aggressive yet peaceable demeanor. He keeps his clients informed and explains the pros and cons to you every step of the way regarding every decision. His clients interests are his number 1 concern and he will fight for them.


Very Capable Breach of Contract Attorney

I was first introduced to John O’Brien when his law firm prosecuted a breach of contract lawsuit for our company.  John is an extremely knowledge and very capable attorney.  If required, I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize his firm’s legal services again in the future.  I would unequivocally recommend John to my business colleagues, friends, and family for any San Diego business lawsuit.  After getting to know John during the prosecution and successful resolution of our case, I not only consider John a valuable professional resource, but also a friend.

-Don, President/CEO U.S. Realty Holdings, Inc.

Aggressive Fraud Attorney

You guys have done a great job and I am glad I chose you to represent my case. Thank you for your very aggressive and successful handling of my case.


Hard-Fighting Defamation Attorney

We really appreciate all you did for us in this long trial.  Truly appreciate you both and all of your hard work!  We are very thankful you guys fought so hard for our family!


Exceptional Contract Litigation Lawyer

Your work is awesome!!!  I am sufficiently wow-ed, John!  I knew I hired you for a reason.  I want to thank you for the very professional and exceptional service you provided.  I will definitely use you again.


Excellent Choice for Real Estate Attorney

John O’Brien is an excellent choice for an attorney. He is easy to work with, caring diligent, and exhibits full force in both legal skill and personal effort. My case concluded rapidly and to my great advantage. I am so grateful to have had the fortune of meeting and working with someone so highly capable and involved.


Professional and Well-Articulated Legal Work

I just wanted to thank you once again for your help. I wanted professional and well-articulated legal work and I’m so glad I found you. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending you to anybody who needs a lawyer in San Diego. I will not vacillate in contacting you again if my needs require. Your work was great.


Recommended Attorney for Failed Real Estate Sale

Our house fell out of escrow after we had already relocated to another state.  John O’Brien came to the rescue during this failed real estate transaction and was able to work a settlement for escrow funds.  His professional, yet tactical approach, instilled our confidence in the legal remedies available to sellers of real estate.  I’d recommend John to anyone whose rights have been infringed upon. Thanks for everything!


Excellent Job Provided in Defending Case

I want to commend you on the excellent job you provided in connection with the case against me.  You were very prompt with emails and gave me details from the beginning to the end, also you were very instrumental in explaining everything to me in every step of the way.  I would recommend you and your services wholeheartedly!


Great Experience with Mr. O’Brien

My experience with Mr. O’Brien was simply great: totally a professional attorney that goes beyond, to the point of having you feeling like a friend and guiding you with alternatives and clear explanations of possible choices, all this under a deep understanding of the law.  My best marks!


John is Excellent and Extremely Professional!

John’s work is awesome, it’s perfect, and I was super impressed.  He is also very efficient and his fees are reasonable.  He focused on the details of the case and helped me avoid costly unnecessary steps which I really appreciated while still leading me to a favorable outcome.  He was also consistently available every time I called with a question or concern.  Though I don’t plan on ever being in a lawsuit again I would highly recommend John and would use him again.  He did such a fantastic job!


John O’Brien did a great job in representing our company in a business litigation case

Attorney John O’Brien represented our company very well in a business litigation case. He handled the discovery and deposition process effectively which led to an early settlement. We were happy with the results and felt well represented.