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San Diego Employee Trade Secret Theft

As noted in the CEBblog on trade secrets, one of the most likely times for actual (or alleged) San Diego employee trade secret theft is when an employee leaves a company.  In her blog, Julie Brooks does a great job informing lawyers and companies of the potential for trade secrets theft when an employee leaves, and recommending the use of a proper… READ MORE

What is the Definition of Independent Contractor in California?

California employers and employees often want to know: what is the definition of independent contractor in California?  More specifically, how does an independent contractor differ from an employee in California?  This question and classification can have a lot of ramifications.  As just one example, one of our clients recently received a California Labor Commissioner Notice, after a purported employee filed… READ MORE

California’s “Seven-Year Rule” for Employment Contracts

The hard rock band Avenged Sevenfold is in a contract dispute with its label, Warner Bros.  The band is attempting to cancel its recording contract based on California’s “Seven-Year Rule” for employment contracts.  After receiving the band’s notice of intent to cancel, the label filed a breach of contract lawsuit. According to Billboard, the band originally agreed to provide the label with 5… READ MORE