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A Trade Secret can be Anything in California

Posted in Business and Real Estate Litigation on November 3, 2015

A trade secret in California is any information that derives value from not being generally known.  It must also be efforts to maintain its secrecy.

The information can be any knowledge and/or data.  California court have recognized:

  1. Advertising Strategy
  2. Food Recipes
  3. Beverage Recipes
  4. Marketing Information
  5. Business Strategy
  6. Customer Lists
  7. Customer Information
  8. Contractor Lists
  9. Employee Lists
  10. Supplier Lists
  11. Budgets
  12. Engineering Design
  13. Manufacturing Processes
  14. Price Strategy
  15. Product Design

While the information can be anything, the claimant must still try to maintain its secrecy, or the trade secret status will be lost.

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